Green Sea Guard today joined the community of Green Award incentive providers, offering an 8% discount on its product price list.



On the photo from left to right: Andre van der Zwaan, Senior Account Manager Green Sea Guard; Anita Bradshaw, CEO Green Sea Guard; Jan Fransen, executive director Green Award; Ed van Dort, Green Sea Guard; Keita Shinohara, certification manager Green Award

This discount applies both to Green Sea Guard’s particulate monitoring system, which can be used to detect particulates from 10 mm down to 70 nm in diameter, and to its gas analysis system which monitors nine different gas parameters during normal operation of a ship.  Shipowners and managers use the analyses of the data, which they access via the internet in real time as the ship sails, to detect and monitor engine issues, prioritise maintenance and realise cost savings through more efficient maintenance scheduling.

Shipowners holding a certificate from Green Award can access discounts at participating ports, creating a strong positive business case for environmental awareness and sustainable practices.

Speaking about this prestigious collaboration, Green Sea Guard’s CEO, Anita Bradshaw said: ‘Signing up to Green Award is a turning point for Green Sea Guard as we will now offer incentives to shipowners buying or leasing our products as well as offering them the chance to make cash savings on operating costs through engine diagnostics and preventative maintenance.  Our products already represent a way for shipowners to demonstrate how they can save money through compliance with air quality and emissions regulations: with Green Award certification, these ships can access an even broader range of benefits.

‘It is important to the global community that the shipping industry understands that Cleantech innovation can save them money while improving the quality of life of people everywhere, and saving lives through emissions reduction.  Better air quality not only provides a direct benefit, but helps to reduce the burden of ocean acidification, contributing to healthier and more sustainable oceans.  Everyone benefits.  Best of all, using our products allows shipowners to access savings today, and to start making that contribution to a cleaner environment today.’

Jan Fransen, executive director of Green Award, said: ‘Participation of Green Sea Guard in the Green Award – a certification and incentives program for shipping – is a significant benefit and for our certificate holders and for the environment. Green Sea Guard offers products that help to improve air quality thus guarding safety and health of people.  These are the major points of importance for Green Award as we strive for socially responsible shipping and welfare of all involved.

In alignment to Green Award program’s contribution to the global sustainable waterborne transport in shipping, Green Award Foundation has recently welcomed the UN agreement for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and has identified consistency of 200+ Green Award requirements to 11 goals and 15 targets. As such shipping companies and incentive providers participating in Green Award program contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals by UN.’


 About Green Sea Guard

Green Sea Guard sells and leases two innovative emission monitoring systems to shipowners .

Green Sea Guard is established in the UK, the Netherlands and Portugal, and is owned by private investors and two venture capital funds.  PortXL, which is a subsidiary of the Port of Rotterdam, owns a small stake in the Dutch company following Green Sea Guard’s participation in the prestigious PortXL programme in 2017.  Green Sea Guard also participates in the ESA BIC programme at the Harwell space campus in Oxfordshire.