MRD Marinesupport, which has over 25 years of experience in incident response and prevention, is welcomed by Green Award as an Incentive Provider, for their decision to giving 10-15% discount.


On the photo from left to right: K. Shinohara (Green Award Foundation), C. W. van Noort (MRD Marinesupport), Jan Fransen (Green Award Foundation), L.M.van der Meer (MRD Marinesupport), G.van der Meer (MRD Marinesupport)

The incentive reaches out to their products and services broadly and include, oil spill equipment, (refresh) training of crew on use of response equipment and spill response including breathing equipment, checking spill-kits onboard for conformance with SOPEP/IMO/OPA 90 requirements, response activities due to oil spill, and consultation at response operations (i.e. incident management).

Preventing is better than curing! A small investment in a designated spill kit is quite often forgotten, while consequential damage from a spill can be significantly limited by using a spill kit.

Fast and adequate action is of utmost importance in case of a spill. Therefore, MRD Marinesupport delivers customised spill kits and provides training to your crew. In this way, you can be well prepared in the event that you are unexpectedly involved in an incident.

Visit MRD Marinesupport’s website for more information or mail info@mrdmarinesupport.nl. You can also reach them by telephone at +316-53642132

URL: https://www.mrdmarinesupport.nl/en/