Emficon, manufacturer of small sized EGCS, has become a Green Award incentive provider.


On the photo from left to right: Jan Fransen, executive director of the Green Award Foundation and Leo Wiersma, founder of Emficon


Emficon joined Green Award, a certification program for waterborne transport, to support improvement of safety and reduction of emissions from inland navigation ships. Emficon offers a unique exhaust gas system which is very compact and fits in small spaces. Despite its small size, the EGCS delivers great results. Measured emission reduction effect was as high as Soot 99 %, HC 99%, CO 99% and NOX 90%.

Green Award certified ships meet requirements that go above and beyond the regulations. Emficon has joined other ports and companies that provide incentives through Green Award program. Inland ships holding the Green Award certificate are now entitled to a full rebate on the first Green Award certification fee, when purchasing an exhaust gas system from Emficon, and a 20% reduction on the special Green Award service contract.

Green Award welcomes Emficon and looks forward to a mutually beneficial cooperation.



About Emficon

Emficon designs, build and fits exhaust gas aftertreatment systems for combustions applications. Because of its own development team Emficon is able to supply systems that are custom made for the application. Al production is done in the workshop in Rotterdam.

 The people at Emficon have over 25 years of experience in reducing emissions form diesel engines. The Emficon products can be found on construction machines, logistic equipment, locomotives and of course inland ships.

Emficon systems are build and installed by Emficon people.