PTC stimulates sustainable fleet


The Private Transport Co-operative (PTC) gives its 50 members an incentive to make their ships (further) sustainable and to have this certified by Green Award. As of 1 April 2022, PTC pays 50% of the costs of Green Award certification. With this, the cooperative has become a Green Award Incentive Provider.

In order to underline this commitment, PTC board member Henri van Sandijk received the Green Award sign from Jan Fransen, executive director of the Green Award Foundation. The presentation took place on board of ms. Seinpost of cooperative member Job Blom. Ms. Seinpost has a Green Award certificate at the ‘silver’ level.

Henri van Sandijk, Job Blom and Jan Fransen

Ella Hots-Visser, manager pr & sustainability at the PTC: “PTC is a cooperative that considers sustainability of paramount importance. Together we are committed to the environment and a safe working environment. In addition, social involvement is in the DNA of our cooperative. As an incentive provider of Green Award, PTC stimulates its members to make the results they have achieved visible. This creates value and the cooperative can be seen as a future-proof chain partner.”

“We warmly welcome PTC as an Incentive Provider,” says Executive Director Jan Fransen. “The more ships that become sustainable, the better. We will have to pull out all the stops together to combat air pollution and climate change, among other things. And then it is of great added value if a big club like PTC gives an extra impulse.”

Job Blom, Jan Fransen and Henri van Sandijk

With a Green Award certificate the ships show that they are taking extra steps to reduce harmful emissions and to increase safety on board. Besides the fact that certified ships can distinguish themselves with shippers, certificate holders receive various (financial) benefits from about 50 parties, the ‘incentive providers’. And PTC is now one of them.

PTC is a highly organised cooperative of individual skippers, established in 1994. By joining forces, PTC has been offering a complete package of logistic services for 28 years. PTC has a fleet of approximately fifty vessels. With 4,600,000 tonnes of cargo volume, PTC takes 250,000 truck movements a year off the road.