VROOAM Lubricants is Green Award Incentive Provider


VROOAM Lubricants has become Green Award incentive provider. This means that ships with a Green Award certificate receive a 20% discount on the first delivery of Vickers Oils biodegradable lubricants. Certificate holders also qualify for a free lubrication schedule, free oil sampling and a maintenance and cleaning package worth € 250.

(l-r) Sander van der Velden (CEO Vrooam Lubricants International); Jan Fransen (Executive Director Green Award Foundation)

During the Inland Shipping Days Zwijndrecht (NL), Sander van der Velden, CEO of VROOAM Lubricants International, received the symbolic Green Award plaque from Jan Fransen, Executive Director of Green Award. With this, the cooperation is officially a fact.

Sander: “As developer, brand and supplier of high-quality lubricants for inland shipping, we see a great future for environmentally friendly lubricants. That is why we entered cooperation with Vickers Oils. Vickers Oils’ biodegradable lubricants are especially relevant for components that encounter surface water. Using Vickers Oils reduces the environmental impact of shipping. This is also what Green Award is aiming for. Hence the step to link up with Green Award by giving discounts on Vickers Oils products from 1 September 2022 onwards”.

Jan Fransen is pleased with the decision of VROOAM: “Incentive providers are the lubricant in the machine of Green Award. The more parties that give an advantage to ships that make an extra effort when it comes to the environment and safety, the better. With the incentive on products and services of Vickers Oils, VROOAM gives inland shippers an extra incentive to choose biodegradable products. Thank you for that!”


VROOAM is a developer, brand, and supplier of superior high-quality lubricants. From Dordrecht, the Netherlands, the products are shipped all over the world to users in the maritime industry and powersports such as karting and motor racing.