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Tank-eye new incentive provider Green Award


Green Award and Tank-Eye had been eyeing each other for a while and now the time has come: Tank-Eye has become Green Award-incentive provider. The young company from Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht gives inland tankers with a Green Award certificate a 10% discount on the purchase of the innovative Tank-Eye Vapour Lock Valves.

On tankers, cargo vapours can be released during hand measurements, temperature measurements, water gauging, open sampling and gas measurements, among others. The Tank-Eye system, with vapour lock valves on the butterwash covers or on the tank head that provide airtight access to cargo tanks, can prevent this. This ensures a safer and healthier working environment for ship’s crew, cargo inspectors and terminal operators. While the tanks remain pressurised, the system ensures that all inspections can be carried out completely sealed and emission-free.

Jan Fransen, Executive Director of Green Award: “Increasing safety and reducing emissions are themes that Tank-Eye and Green Award both focus on. It’s great that we are now working together on that as well. In addition to the discount on the system at Tank-Eye, tankers with the additional measure can also earn points on Green Award’s new additional requirements.”

Deef Claeys & Frank Kerstens, founders and owners of Tank-Eye: “For tanker owners, where safety comes first and who want to reduce emissions, our Tank-Eye closed systems are a great added value. Our world needs to evolve towards a greener, emission-free earth and we are happy to contribute to that with our innovative solution.”

(from left to right Deef Claeys, Frank Kerstens, Jan Fransen)