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PureBlue Water joins Green Award as an incentive provider for river cruise and inland passenger vessels


PureBlue Water joins the Green Award network, a certification program for waterways to motivate sustainability improvement on board (of ships). PureBlue develops and produces a unique sewage treatment system which is very compact, automated and specially developed for river cruise and inland passenger vessels. The vessels that are equipped with PureBlue’s sewage system and are certified by the Green Award can benefit from PureBlue’s incentives that are connected to the Green Award program.

From left to right: Keita Shinohara (Green Award), Jan Fransen (Green Award), Angelo de Mul (PureBlue), Sven Wittiber (PureBlue) and Christian Mijnders (PureBlue)

PureBlue Water is a company which focuses on water treatment innovation. Being aware of the threats and the challenges our planet faces, PureBlue Water pays attention to its sustainable development with respect to society and the environment. Their innovative water solutions help other parties to comply with environmental regulations. By being part of the Green Award network, PureBlue Water endorses the idea of sustainability and rewards its river cruise and passenger vessels customers that are Green Award certified with a discount of 5% for the basic service level agreement and consumables of the Innopack++ Marine.

Green Award is a platform that promotes environmental friendly performance, as well as safety in shipping by creating a network of incentive providers for certified ships. Prevention of water pollution remains one of the critical issues for inland waterways. Thus, the treatment of the produced sewage on board (of ships) plays a significant role and gets more and more attention.

Many river cruise vessels have applied for the Green Award certification from the beginning of 2020 with the total amount nearly reaching 50 from the 800 inland ships certified in total. This is expected to grow strongly in the coming year.


About PureBlue:

PureBlue is specialized in providing water solutions by unique developments and  in-house designs of sustainable as well as easy to use wastewater solutions. The in house research and development, and spearpoint engineering are fully equipped to resolve all water related issues. PureBlue pursues sustainable Innovation, Quality Engineering, Creative Design and pro-active Service.

All installations – either modular or containerized – are designed by our in house engineering team and are subsequently constructed and tested. The systems are developed according to a plug-and-play principle to minimize the workload on site and thus the customer investment.

All systems are equipped with the PureControl++ software, to guarantee operational simplicity. In this way, the personnel does not need to have technological expertise. PureControl also allows the remote monitoring of all installations, minimizing the travel time and costs for service interventions.

“At all times PureBlue is an innovative and reliable partner. PureBlue aspires to provide a cost-friendly and sustainable solution to all drinking-, process- and waste water issues with a keen focus on recycling and re-use.”

For the maritime sector, PureBlue Water has developed the InnoPack++ Marine, the most advanced sewage system specially designed for the rivercruise sector. A sustainable on-board wastewater treatment system which uses MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor) technology and thanks to that, the system is able to work without membranes; making it the solution with the lowest total cost of ownership on the market.