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EST-Floattech joins Green Award network as incentive provider


EST-Floattech, producer of lithium batteries and battery systems, joins the Green Award network as an incentive provider. This enables Green Award certificate holders to have a power measurement carried out on attractive terms and subsequently purchase a lithium battery pack. Thanks to this pack, the Green Award Platinum Label becomes achievable, being awarded in the case of emission-free sailing. The label further maximizes the obtainable incentives such as a discount on port charges.

Green Award is a quality mark for ships that meet high environmental and safety requirements. The holders of the Green Award certificate enjoy various incentives offered by the incentive providers, such as discounts on port fees and on a range of other products and services. The Green Award certificate is available at different levels (bronze, silver and gold), with the award of the Platinum Label in case of zero-emissions sailing.

Photo: Battery room of Sendo Liner – 546kWh

Incentives for sustainable lithium battery systems

EST-Floattech is primarily operating in the maritime sector. As an incentive provider within Green Award, the battery manufacturer provides certificate holders with a discount on a power measurement. This type of measurement gives information on the number of kilowatts per unit of time, consumed during the passing, mooring and maneuvering of a ship. This will create several sailing profiles per ship. EST-Floattech has over ten years of experience with battery systems in this area. The combination of the sailing profile and analysis of the obtained data is used to calculate which type of battery pack is required, while taking into account its life span and thermal behaviour. The drawing work together with the calculation of the battery type are also offered as an incentive.

Jan Fransen, Executive Director at Green Award welcomes the joining of EST-Floattech: “We are pleased that with EST-Floattech we are able to add another incentive provider to our network who, like us, is strongly committed to make shipping more sustainable. With the battery technology they deliver and which our certificate holders are now encouraged to purchase with incentives, we collectively ensure less emissions of hazardous substances by the sector. In addition ships benefit from more incentives such as a discount on port fees, if they sail partially or entirely emission-free. A more sustainable sailing is thus stimulated in various ways”.

Photo (left to right): Jan Fransen (Green Award); Hans Visser (EST-Floattech); Koen Boerdijk (EST-Floattech); Keita Shinohara (Green Award)

Platinum Label for maximum benefits

When opting for a lithium battery pack, a ship may also be considered eligible to obtain the exclusive Platinum Label of Green Award. This label can be secured by ships with a Green Award certificate if they sail at least 50% of the time or three hours a day with zero-emissions, for example with electric propulsion, battery technology or fuel cells (for example hydrogen). Holders of a Platinum Label certificate earn different, maximum incentives due to their sustainable status. Currently only two parties are owning this Platinum Label: Sendo Shipping en Bek & Verburg.

Koen Boerdijk, Account Manager at EST-Floattech: “We are very proud that thanks to our systems Sendo Shipping and Bek & Verburg have met the requirements for the Platinum Label of Green Award. They are given the maximum incentives, but just as important, they are in a privileged position in relation with their current and future clients. They improve the footprint of the client himself, the working location or the final product. In practice we see a great demand for lithium battery systems. These systems require a considerable investment and the clients of skippers are keen on recovering these costs. We believe that with the Green Award we will contribute in making this possible and to move to a subsequent step in the improved sustainability of navigation.”


About EST-Floattech

EST-Floattech is a manufacturer of DNV-certified (Det Norske Veritas) (lithium) battery systems for maritime and terrestrial applications. In doing so the company is mainly involved in maritime projects such as hybrid or fully electrically powered ships. Famous ships within Green Award that are capable of proving this are the ships of Bek & Verburg and Sendo Shipping. www.est-floattech.com