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Jooren Scheepsschroeven is Green Award Incentive Provider


Green Award for Inland Shipping welcomes Jooren Scheepsschroeven BV (marine propellers) as incentive provider. The company from Dordrecht (NL) grants inland vessels with a Green Award certificate a 25% discount on the ‘Groene Schroefrand’ (Green Propeller Edge). This innovation contributes to fuel savings and noise reduction and fits perfectly with the mission of Green Award: making shipping more sustainable and rewarding the efforts of ship owners.

Jooren Scheepsschroeven, founded in 1959, devised the ‘Green Propeller Edge’ and further developed it in practice in cooperation with inland shipping entrepreneurs. This has resulted in a propeller that cuts through the water more sharply, thus reducing resistance. As a result, a ship can achieve the same speed with 30 to 40 fewer propeller rotations per minute, resulting in fuel savings of up to 5%.

Yvette and Chris Smit, owners of Jooren Scheepsschroeven: “Our propeller not only contributes to the reduction of harmful emissions: it is also up to 4 decibels quieter, which is pleasant and necessary for a comfortable stay of the crew”.

Chris and Yvette Smit proudly displaying the Green Award plaque

Executive Director Jan Fransen of the Green Award Foundation is pleased: “Jooren Scheepsschroeven is a great addition to our group of incentive providers, especially because Jooren has developed an innovation that contributes to the sustainability of the shipping industry. I am happy with Jooren and the “Green Propeller Edge” because every drop of fuel saved is a contribution to a better climate and environment”. 

Green Award for Inland Shipping is a joint effort of approx. 900 inland shipping entrepreneurs and a group of over 50 ports, suppliers and service providers to stimulate safety and sustainability in inland shipping. Green Award for Inland Shipping is derived from Green Award for Seagoing Shipping, which was founded in 1994 and certifies ships and shipping companies worldwide in the field of quality, safety and environment. Green Award works on a non-profit basis with a challenging programme of requirements, combined with a system of inspection, certification and reward.  .