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Sensor Maritime and Green Award are jointly committed to more safety on board


Through this cooperation, Sensor Maritime wants to support Green Award in its pursuit of a safe(r) inland and seagoing shipping.

“Sensor Maritime is established to develop new technologies in the form of high-quality, innovative solutions. With our roots in the industry we pursue industrial levels of reliability, durability and robustness. By working closely together with our clients and partners we strive for long-term value creation. A team of young professionals who dare to question, and are not limited by, existing practices.”

Sensor Maritime wants to increase safety in the shipping market by means of its innovative, plug & play sensor solutions. Sensor Maritime is well known because of Bridgescout®, the bridge height detection system for inland navigation. Bridgescout® has been developed to reduce the number and the risk of collisions by a pro-active alert when reaching a critical distance between the wheelhouse and bridge.

Bridgescout® onboard the MAASVALLEI

As a young, dynamic partner, Sensor Maritime stresses the importance to linking itself to programs such as the Green Award. “Participating in Green Award is in line with our ambition of expanding, whether or not together with partners, to shipping. Through this we will be able to introduce our organization and solutions and encourage investments in the environment and safety.”

Green Award is a platform that promotes environmental performance and safe navigation by setting up a network of more than 150 incentive providers for certified ships. Preventing water and air pollution remain important challenges on inland waterways and seas. Yet safety plays also an important role in our mission, certainly in regard to the people on board and the environment. Safe and responsible sailing, as well as loading and unloading the vessel, play an equally important role in protecting the environment.

In line with the objective of Green Award, Sensor Maritime’s products show innovation by keeping in mind safety at its core. Bridgescout® makes navigating on the rivers safer for inland shipping, while Thermoview Marine will assist both inland and ocean-going ships with accurate heat detection for safety onboard.

Anouk van de Pol (Sensor Maritime) with the Green Award plaque

Sensor Maritime offers a 10% discount to Green Award-certified vessels on its Bridgescout® Basic and Thermoview Marine products. “Bridgescout® Basic is a bridge detection system composed by our Sensor Maritime hub (an interface for the captain in the wheelhouse), a GPS antenna and our Bridgescout® Basic software. Bridgescout® Basic informs the captain as soon as an object is approaching. Our Sensor Maritime hub lights up 500 meters in front of an object. This ensures alertness on the part of the captain and contributes to the prevention of collisions,” says Anouk van de Pol. Due to the modular setup of our products you can compose your own version. For example, you can choose to expand Bridgescout® Basic in the future with the Bridgescout® sensor. The captain is thus informed at 300 meters from an object whether the wheelhouse is sufficiently low to safely pass under an object. Thermoview Marine ensures a continuous hotspot detection of, for example, (electric) engines, batteries and axle bearings without periodic manual monitoring, for example, by means of a thermal imaging camera. Thermoview Marine checks critical equipment on board 24/7 and provides insights to prevent breakdowns, defective equipment, but also fire in the engine room. The captain will be notified as soon as the set temperature values ​​are exceeded.