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Lagersmit becomes a Green Award Incentive Provider


Lagersmit Sealing Solutions is proud to announce that they have become a Green Award incentive provider. Lagersmit is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rotating shaft seals for ships, pumps and tidal turbines and has decided to offer significant advantages on specially selected eco-friendly products for Green Award certified ships.

It is essential for Lagersmit to stimulate every step forward to reduce oil pollution from propulsion systems. They become part of the Green Award Network for both inland and seagoing vessels.

During the Posidonia exhibition in Athens, Dimitris Mattheou (Chairman of the Green Award Foundation) and Jan Fransen (Executive Director of the Green Award Foundation) awarded Lagersmit with the symbolic Green Award plaque. Green Award certified ships will receive significant advantages on a series of Lagersmit’s selected most environmentally friendly shaft sealing solutions.

(l-r: Dimitris Mattheou, Green Award Foundation; Jan-Willem Bongers, Lagersmit Sealing Solutions; Jan Fransen, Green Award Foundation)

Jan Fransen, Executive Director of the Green Award Foundation, comments. “the Green Award programs for both ocean and inland shipping addresses multiple aspects in ship operations, Safety, Quality and Environmental protection are the main pillars of the ship certification programs. So, protecting the overall marine environment is very important, just to remind; our food chain is very dependent on this. For this reason we welcome Lagersmit as an incentive provider to the Green Award program.

Additional regulations to reach zero-emissions of oil for propulsion systems takes time. Our air-type and water-lubricated seals already ensure zero-emission for many years. That’s why we offer an incentive to stimulate more environmentally friendly sealing solutions,” says Jan Willem Bongers, Sales Manager at Lagersmit.

Supreme Ventus air-type seal

For almost 30 years, the Green Award certification program promotes the highest quality, safety and environmental standards in shipping through certifying vessels that go beyond mandatory regulations.

The Supreme Ventus® is an intelligent, durable and self-regulating sealing solution that guarantees zero emissions of oil for seagoing vessels. It has a constant air flow which prevents an oil-to-water interface and drains any leakage into a monitoring tank.


About Lagersmit

Lagersmit has been based in the Netherlands since 1856 and has one mission: to deliver Peace of Mind with the best sealing solutions for ships, pumps and tidal turbines. Examples of applications include seals for ship’s propulsion shafts, thrusters, gearboxes, tidal turbines and pump shafts. From its high-tech production location in Alblasserdam (The Netherlands), Lagersmit serves the worldwide maritime, dredging, energy, water management and industrial markets with high-quality sealing solutions. The company’s network of offices, agents and service stations covers the entire world.