Silver for paddle steamer De Majesteit


De Majesteit, the only event ship in the Netherlands powered by an authentic steam engine, has received a Green Award certificate at the ‘silver’ level.

In Green Award’s nearly 30-year history, this is the first steam-powered vessel to apply for certification. “We did not proceed overnight,” says Jan Fransen, director of Green Award. “You would think that steam has no emissions. It does, but the question is: how is steam generated? We delved into that. Fortunately, coal is no longer fired, but gas oil is used to heat water to steam. And yes, the gasoil does cause emissions. Official emission measurements were carried out and the result was remarkable – even after repeated measurements, the performance was found to be even better than Stage V engines!”

And there was another surprise. Jan Fransen: “We also had the efficiency of the paddle propulsion system reviewed. And what turned out? The thrust of the paddle system provides an efficiency higher than a traditional propeller. This saves fuel and therefore emissions.”

Christine and Klemens Key, owners of De Majesteit, are delighted with the Green Award certificate. Klemens: “We are most likely the first paddle steamer in Europe to have this certificate and I hope more will follow.” Christine: “We notice that our customers increasingly ask how we ensure that our impact on the environment is reduced. We do this in several areas, including highly efficient propulsion of the ship, which results in lower emissions per passenger-kilometre than diesel-powered ships. And in addition, we also pay a lot of attention to safety and waste management: elements you will find in the Green Award programme of requirements, which we meet. In short: we are very proud of the Green Award certificate at the ‘silver’ level.


Since it entered service, in 1926, De Majesteit has been among the largest and most luxurious paddle steamers in Europe. After cruising the continent as a cruise ship for many years, it was restored in perfect condition in 1999 to become a sailing party venue for corporate and private events.