Shipping Technology on board at Green Award


Shipping Technology has become Incentive Provider for Green Award. This partnership means that
Green Award-certified ships can benefit from a 5% discount on all Shipping Technology hardware installations from 1 November 2023.

Shipping Technology is a joint venture between leading Dutch big data company Xomnia and inland navigation expert Shipping Factory. The company is pioneering (semi-)autonomous sailing and has an extensive portfolio of automation systems, collision detection and other safety systems.

Shipping Technology integrates smart hardware and software with artificial intelligence to optimise shipboard operations through applications such as the ST Brain. This system acts as a central hub that collects, stores and sends nautical data to the cloud. This enables fleet management and, through the ST Dashboard, customers can see all essential nautical data in one storage. The deployment of these technologies supports and improves daily operational activities on board, resulting not only in more efficient use of waterways and reduced workload, but also in increased safety, fuel savings and better insight into CO2 and NOx emissions.

Remco Pikaart, co-founder of Shipping Technology, stressed the importance of the collaboration with Green Award:
“Our company has a lot of common ground with the elements that Green Award promotes through its programme of requirements. Consider, for example, increasing safety and reducing fuel consumption and thus emissions. The world is changing rapidly and we are convinced that inland navigation can reap great benefits when using artificial intelligence and smart hardware and software. We are happy to contribute to this”.

Jan Fransen, director of Green Award, welcomes Shipping Technology with enthusiasm and underlines the value of their expertise:
“I admire Shipping Technology’s ability to collect data from ships and interpret it effectively, making decision-making based on actual data. Moreover, they provide the ability to link and share data so that performance can be compared. And last but not least, I am very happy with the applications that can prevent collisions as well as the option to record CO2 and NOx emissions. All this fits perfectly with Green Award’s mission.”

The collaboration between Shipping Technology and Green Award promises to have a positive impact on the maritime industry, helping to further promote sustainability and efficiency in the shipping sector.

(left to right) At Rotterdam’s Veerhaven, Remco Pikaart (Shipping Technology, left) receives the Green Award plaque from Keita Shinohara (Green Award).