Peterson joins Green Award


Peterson joins Green Award

Green Award welcomes another renowned party as incentive provider! As of 1 December 2023, Peterson Netherlands will reimburse 100% of the certificate costs of ships sailing under fixed contract with them.

Peterson is a leading provider of testing, inspection and logistics services. The royally awarded company offers a wide range of services for both dry and wet bulk goods at ports and other locations. Inland shipping on Western European waterways is a prominent part of this.

Dennis Schenk, director Peterson Netherlands puts it simply: “Our inland shipping has an important mission in making logistics more sustainable. Precisely within the supply chain, all parties involved can play an important role in the journey towards sustainability. Precisely because we consider this important, reimbursing the certificate costs is a logical step.”

Jan Fransen, executive director of Green Award, warmly welcomes Peterson to the growing network of cooperation partners. “We like it when companies like Peterson boost the sustainability of ships from the shore-based organisation by reimbursing the certification costs. And we are proud to inspire, inspect and certify independently and on a non-profit basis.”

Fransen emphasises that obtaining a Green Award certificate is an independent confirmation of a ship’s above-average level of environmental and safety performance. This distinguishes Green Award vessels in the market and makes them attractive to parties committed to sustainability. Shippers increasingly show preference for Green Award-certified vessels, resulting, for example, in an additional positive aspect in tenders. The Green Award certificate also offers tangible benefits such as discounts on port fees and on maritime products and services.

With this decision, Peterson Netherlands joins a select group of leading companies, including NPRC, PTC, DGA, HGK and Stolt Tankers, which all reimburse 100% of the Green Award certification costs for vessels flying their flag.

On 12 December 2023, the partnership between Peterson and Green Award was symbolically cemented with the presentation of a Green Award plaque.

Photo, f.l.t.r. Dennis Schenk / Managing Director at Peterson Nederland BV & member country NL management Jan Fransen / Executive director of Green Award Berend Lensen / Manager department Inland Shipping at Peterson Netherlands Wubbe Tempel / Project Manager at Peterson Netherlands