ATHENS – A new Green Award incentive provider FRANMAN Group made its participation in the environmental scheme known during the Posidonia event.


From left to right: Jan Fransen – Green Award Executive Director, Dimitrios Mattheou – Green Award Foundation Chairman, Costis J. Frangoulis – President & CEO of Franman Group


Making shipping industry greener and safer is a major task and responsibility accepted by a number of the industry’s stakeholders. One of them is Franman Group, which core business is the representation of First Class Makers of Shipbuilding Equipment for merchant vessels and promotion of retrofit projects for all the equipment that they represent. In order to promote high values of safety, the company has joined the Green Award scheme.

Green Award operates independently and internationally by surveying and certifying ships that meet standards going beyond those legally required by industry regulators. Green Award certified ships and ship operators comply with the highest safety and quality standards and are committed to the environmental responsibility.

Established in 1991, Franman provides a wide range of services to the shipping industry, focused on shipbuilding equipment, spare parts, ship repairs, service, consulting and security services. All Green Award Certified ships are entitled to discounts on Ballast Water Treatment Equipment of DeNora, Hanla and Veolia / RWO, Kyma’s Ship Performance equipment, Veolia / RWO Sewage Treatment Plant and Oil Water Separator, Kangrim Heavy Industries’ Scrubbers and Taiyo’s Electrical Propulsion Systems.
On the 6th of June, 2018, Green Award Chairman Capt Dimitrios Mattheou formally accepted Franman Group into the scheme. During an official ceremony marking this milestone, Mr Mattheou handed the Green Award plaque over to Mr Costis J. Frangoulis, President & CEO of Franman Group at their stand in the Posidonia exhibition and said: ‘Equipment represented by Franman Group contributes to safety on board, while assisting in mitigating negative effects on the environment and sea life. By joining the scheme, Franman helps further greening of the maritime industry and allows Green Award certificate holders to benefit from their investments in extra improvement. The more companies support quality ships through Green Award, the more extended effect can be reached in making the industry socially responsible and sustainable.’

Mr. Costis J. Frangoulis, President & CEO of Franman Group said: “As stated in our company’s motto, at Franman we are obsessed with the sea and with the vessels that travel the sea. As such we can only but encourage and support initiatives like that of the Green Award that promote shipping sustainability and advocate for a clean environment in which the vessels of our clients can safely and efficiently operate.
We are thus honoured and privileged to receive this award and support the initiative of the Green Award Foundation.’


About Franman Group
Since 1991, Franman has provided a wide range of services to the shipping industry, focused on shipbuilding equipment, spare parts, ship repairs, service, consulting and security services.
When Costis J. Frangoulis established Franman, his vision was to extend his lifelong obsession with the sea and shipping into an organization providing high levels of diversified services to the shipping industry.

Three decades later and this obsession is shared by all the people who make up Franman today. Highly qualified and experienced professionals, undergoing continuous technical and commercial training, to provide the highest levels of service and support. Franman’s first representation was Metritape from USA, makers of tank level gauging systems. Today, Franman is proud to represent more than 130 leading companies from the Shipping industry and serve more than 600 shipping companies annually.