Green Award office audits and onboard ship surveys are seen as to complement other audits or inspections that take place in the industry, such as Vetting, Port State Control and Classification Societies, with the aim to assist in continuous improvement in safe operations and environmental protection with a strong emphasis on the human element.

  • First the office audit is to take place

  • Second survey onboard ship

Office Audit

  • Prior to survey of the first ship

  • Certificate valid for 3 years

  • Every 3 years renewal audit

  • By Green Award own surveyors

  • At least one ship must be certified

Ship Survey

  • After office audit and desk review

  • By Green Award own surveyors

  • Annual survey every year

  • Renewal survey once in 3 years

  • Certificate valid for 3 years unless withdrawn

At Green Award, we employ every auditor/surveyor directly. This implies that no third party inspectors are used to carry out audits.

These auditors are trained to our in-house modular training in order to learn and get acquainted to our in-house developed audit requirements and auditing skills.

They work solely and exclusively for Green Award.