Benefits for incentive providers

As a Green Award incentive provider you do not only demonstrate your commitment to safety and environmentally-friendly performance and set an example as a socially responsible organisation, but you also benefit from participation in the scheme.

Benefits for all incentive providers:

Promotion and publicity

  • Your name and logo will be published on Green Award website
  • You get your own page on our website where you can specify your incentive and promote your company
  • Your company will be invited to annually held Green Award events
  • Your company will be mentioned in Green Award promotional materials such as leaflets and annual report
  • Your company will be mentioned during Green Award presentations
  • When you join Green Award, a formal ceremony takes place followed by a press release
  • We inform our stakeholders of your company and incentive offered by you
  • You are allowed to use the Green Award logo



  • Green Award is used as a risk reduction tool
  • Green & sustainable image to society and authorities
  • Addressing issues through requirements
  • Platform for CSR




  • Green & socially responsible image
  • New business relations & opportunities
  • Corporate Social Responsibility tool
  • Marketing advantage

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