How to become a Green Award incentive provider (application procedure)


Applicant to think of an incentive offer

(reward to Green Award certified ships / companies / other incentive providers)


Fill in the application form for incentive providers

Application form

Green Award to review the application

Desktop assessment and possible verification audit


Mutual agreement to start a partnerschip

(applicant + Green Award)


Discuss PR & Marketing possibilities

(applicant + Green Award)


An official Green Award welcome ceremony


By providing a mutually agreed incentive, the Incentive Provider is exposed in such a way that they promote the Green Award philosophy to support the shipping industry in terms of safety and environment in their best possible way. GA helps spread this worldwide, hence free marketing! As an organisation requiring a high standard in quality of shipping, it is imperative that GA is associated with reputable entities involved in the shipping industry.

By this, we will carry out a desktop assessment when receiving an application to become an Incentive Provider. In this process, the management of Bureau Green Award has the right to decide to carry out a verification audit to safeguard the GA philosophy (the costs incurred from a verification audit will be charged to the applicant).

Green Award does not require a binding contract with the Incentive Providers (IP’s). However, a mutual agreement on whether to continue with the partnership and a clear definition on the incentive that is seen as beneficial to the GA certified ships and/or companies is essential for both the applicant and GA for a sustainable Certification and Incentive scheme. Lastly, as a not‐for‐profit organisation (NPO) governed by industry representatives, GA must remain independent. As such, it is not permitted for the IP’s to have exclusive rights to become an Incentive Provider from a specific sector.

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