About our incentive providers

Green Award incentive providers are ports, shipping organizations and maritime service/products suppliers that want to support and enhance the environmental and safety performance of ships and to promote the highest quality standards.

Green Award incentive providers are socially responsible organizations that invest in the future of the planet.

They offer various financial and non-financial incentives to Green Award certified ships.

Green Award incentive providers join the scheme voluntary to promote and support quality, safety and environmental friendly approach in shipping as well as to implement their Corporate Social Responsibility principles.

Green Award Incentive providers are

  • Ports
  • Maritime products and service suppliers
  • Organisations


Every incentive provider…

  • can define the scope of incentive
  • is free to launch and stop the incentive
  • implements own convenient procedures
  • is entitled to applicable incentives via Green Award
  • enjoys benefits of being a part of Green Award

Examples of incentives:

  • discount on the port dues
  • discount on service(s)
  • discount on product(s)
  • special extra service/product
  • promotion

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