Green Award GHG labels (CO2 & CH4) for ships

The industry focus continues to tackle challenges related to the decarbonization of shipping. This is the same for Green Award based on our fundamental role as an independent organisation facilitating a ship certification and incentive program.

This Green Award GHG emissions labelling initiative was developed to strengthen Green Award’s approach towards decarbonization and GHG emissions reduction within our mission to recognize (and reward) ships that take (or have been taking) roles as frontrunners. This labelling will allow ships to demonstrate their proactiveness as early movers as well as motivate other ship owners/operators to join the collective efforts.

The main assessment points are initially set to renewable & advanced energy sources, types of fuel(s), and installed technology. The label focuses on carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) emissions and ships will be able to obtain a:

  • CO2 Label – Level 1
  • CO2 Label – Level 2
  • CH4 Label
  • Or combination of CO2 (Level 1 or 2) and CH4 Labels


*CH4 – Methane   |   CO2 – Carbon di-oxide   |   GHG – Greenhouse gases


How it works

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List of certified ships

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The label is continuously evolving. Any proposals & ideas to include relevant measures in the labelling scheme are welcome.

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