Green Award, a certification and incentive program for shipping has welcomed a new incentive provider: MOL Techno-Trade, a MOL Group company.


Photo: PBCF (propeller boss cap fins)

Green Award, a certification and incentive program for shipping has welcomed a new incentive provider: MOL Techno-Trade, a MOL Group company.

MOL Group companies have been participating in Green Award, a certification and incentive program for waterborne transport promoting the highest standards of safety, quality and environmental performance in shipping, for years as certificate holders. Mitigating negative effect of shipping on the seas and care for people and the planet have always been priorities for Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL) and MOL Group. Currently 11 MOL operated ships are certified by Green Award.

From 1st of February, 2019, MOL Group starts supporting clean and safe shipping in a new role as an incentive provider. MOL Techno-Trade, Ltd. (MOL Techno-Trade) offers its environment-friendly product PBCF (propeller boss cap fins) to Green Award certified ships and companies at a special price. Green Award certificate holders will receive a 3% discount from the contract price of PBCF for new projects.

The PBCF was created by 3 companies, namely MOL, a research engineering laboratory and a propeller manufacturer and has been sold with great success for 32 years since 1987. The PBCF contributes to the energy efficiency of the propellers. Over 3300 ships currently apply PBCF by MOL Techno-Trade to their satisfaction. MOL Techno-Trade continuously keeps improving the product by co-researching on it with MOL and a shipyard laboratory.

Green Award welcomes the initiative by MOL Techno-Trade with open arms. Providing a discount on a product that helps ships in reducing their environmental footprint and support to the Green Award initiative both as a certificate holder improving ships as well an incentive provider rewarding the efforts of other ship managers and owners, are truly appreciated by Green Award.



About MOL Techno-Trade, Ltd.

As the sole trading company in MOL group, we handle marine fuel oil and lubricants, various types of machinery and equipment, ship supplies, components and telecommunication equipments. Outside our vessel-related business, we offer a wide variety of products and services, from industrial instrument sales, real estate agency services, and sales and rentals of used containers.

We also focus on environment-friendly products such as PBCF (propeller boss cap fins) which improves propulsive efficiency and reduces fuel consumption by 5%. PBCF has been installed more than 3,300 vessels of the world since the first introduction in 1987.

In addition, we draw on our extensive engineering experience to provide management services for oil storage tank operation at Japan’s national oil storage terminal.

We are confident in our skills, services and products to meet customer needs.

We strive to expand our sales of energy-saving, waste-reducing products and develop new environment-friendly products and materials.