The Port of Rotterdam, the very first Green Award incentive provider, extends its incentive to reward LPG and LNG carriers and oil, product and chemical tankers of any size certified by Green Award.

Dedicated to safety and the environment, the Port of Rotterdam Authority has decided to make the incentive applicable to Green Award ships more accessible. Rotterdam now offers a discount to all oil, chemical, products, LNG and LPG tankers holding the Green Award certificate.

From 1st of January, 2019, every liquid bulk carrier of any size enrolled to Green Award will benefit from a discount on the vessels’ port dues when calling at Rotterdam. A discount of 15% on the vessels’ port dues related to the GT-size will apply. The Port Authority has also facilitated the pay-out process and will introduce a new system which makes claiming incentives unnecessary. The incentive will soon be automatically awarded upon notification by the agent that a vessel with a Green Award certificate is calling at the port. This takes away an extra burden for Green Award certificate holders meaning they will never miss this incentive.

This is great news for all Green Award certified liquid bulk carriers. Port of Rotterdam remains one of the main world ports visited by a great number of ships including the Green Award fleet, and this makes Rotterdam’s contribution so significant.

Green Award is a certification and incentives program for shipping that was established in 1994. This year the scheme celebrates 25 years of successful promotion of green and safe shipping. The Port of Rotterdam was one of the founding fathers of Green Award and its very first incentive provider. It all started with oil tankers that up to date prevail in numbers within the Green Award scheme. Later Green Award became independent and introduced certification programs for other types of vessels, both for inland waterways and sea-going, which includes dry bulk, container and offshore supply. The updated and expanded incentive by the Port of Rotterdam Authority is a big step strengthening the relation between the two organizations. It is symbolic that this revised incentive that allows all Green Award liquid bulk ships to benefit, is introduced in 2019 – the year of the 25th Anniversary of Green Award.


For more info please visit the website of the Port of Rotterdam