Green Award certification program has been extended with a new ship type – Offshore Supply vessels. The first ship of this type the ‘’LINGESTROOM’’ has been successfully certified.


On the photo from left to right: J. Sinke (QHSE coordinator Wijngaarden Marine Services B.V.) and J. Fransen (executive director Green Award)

The Lingestroom, one of the ships of Van Wijngaarden Marine Services B.V. received a Green Award certificate on 26 February, 2019. The Lingestroom has become the first Offshore Supply ship after Green Award, a certification and incentive program for shipping, had introduced certification for this type of vessels. The certificate was presented by Jan Fransen, executive director of Green Award to congratulate Van Wijngaarden Marine Services B.V. with pioneering Green Award certification for Offshore Supply ships.

The certification programme for Offshore Supply ships was launched in the first quarter of 2019. The requirements are based on the generic Green Award certification standards with adjustment to Offshore Supply Ship specific items, which include safe operations on, for example, towing and anchor handling, mud handling, ship to offshore operations, wire lubrication, bollard pull formula and other aspects. Offshore Supply Ships of any size can apply for the Green Award certificate which proves their great environmental performance and implementation of the safety standards.

The certification program for Offshore Supply ships was developed in response to requests from owners and operators of this type of vessels. Green Award will continue to further develop requirements by incorporating the initiatives taken by front runners of the maritime industry in order to ensure continuous improvement.




About Van Wijngaarden Marine Services B.V.

Van Wijngaarden Marine Services offers with her extended fleet maritime support to the dredging and renewables industry, offshore companies (oil & gas) and to the inland and open sea shipping. Amongst others we take care of towing services, transport, anchor handling and survey activities. We work worldwide to be of service to our clients in a professional and sustainable way.

 Van Wijngaarden Marine Services is constantly focused on increasing our Quality, Health. Safety and Environment standards. Together with our Crew, Contractors, Suppliers, Classification and Flag State Authorities we are promoting the highest standards. Regular internal and external audits, regarding MLC – ISM – IMCA – Green Award, as well as training of sea and shore personnel contribute to that.