A&S International becomes a Green Award Incentive Provider


UK based technical sales consultancy A&S International Ltd has joined the Green Award programme as an incentive provider.

This is recognition of A&S International’s contribution to the improvement of quality, safety and environmental improvement in the maritime industry. “We are all really pleased that the sustainable nature of our product range has been recognized. It is great for us to participate in the Green Award scheme along with our distributors in Greece, Netherlands & New Zealand,” said Angus Macdonald, Director.

Green Award incentive providers as well as certified companies and seagoing ships are entitled to a 5% discount to certified companies on all Oil Spill Eater II & Viper Wire Rope Lubricator orders.

On the photo from left to right: Shaun Macdonald and Angus Macdonald, Directors of A&S International Ltd presenting the Oil Spill Eater II.

Environmentally Friendly
A&S International represents a variety of brands with excellent environmental credentials including:
Oil Spill Eater II is a biological enzyme bioremediation solution for cleaning up hydrocarbon spills on both water & land – mix it 1:50 with naturally occurring water & after consuming the hydrocarbons leaves just CO2 & water.
Viper Wire Rope Lubricator helps to reduce lubricant consumption & contamination by efficiently & effectively applying lubricants to critical wire ropes – thereby also increasing their life.
isoPOD containerized lubricant storage ensures the correct best practice in terms of ensuring that lubricants remain clean, cool & dry and not able to contaminate the environment.

Viper Wire Rope Lubricator helps to improve the safety of maritime maintenance personnel by efficiently automatically applying lubricants to wire ropes – negating the need to manually do so.


Viper Wire Rope Lubricator

A&S International also markets & sells the TST Flaw Detection System for wire ropes – a product that effectively & safely checks the condition & reliability of wire ropes.


Green Award; the pride of the oceans
The Green Award scheme was established in 1994 to stimulate cleaner and safer maritime shipping. All over the world there are ships and ship managers that hold a Green Award certificate. Green Award is a non-profit organization and certification takes place on a voluntary basis.



About A&S International

An experienced technical sales consultancy representing a range of machinery lubrication & bioremedation brands via a global network of expert distributors.

Our teams well-established, trusted & professional network of distributors from Australia to Zimbabwe all of whom have many years of expertise in the machinery lubrication sector. We proudly offer them a range of exciting, unique & market leading brands & provide them with further support such as regular training, consulting and client visits.