Safinah Group: A New Green Award Incentive Provider


Safinah Group is a leading coating consultancy with traditions in the marine and yacht markets, which strongly advocates sustainability in shipping. Green Award certified ships will be eligible for a 10% discount on coating condition survey or pre-drydock survey when subsequent coating project management at drydock is awarded to Safinah Group.

Green Award is a platform for promoting safety, quality and environmental performance in shipping by facilitating a network of incentive providers with a range of benefits for certificate holders. Green Award certificate holders can demonstrate that they go above and beyond international standards and outstanding commitment to safety and the environment by continual improvement.

As with all incentive providers, Safinah Group strongly subscribes to the core values of the certification scheme. The company’s mission is to help clients improve their environmental performance while saving costs by developing detailed work scope for coating project management at drydock, optimising processes to minimise coating waste and ensuring that assets are well protected by overseeing coating application. Apart from overall corrosion protection, coating selection and proper application are key to limiting the risk of ships translocating non-indigenous species via hull fouling and achieving optimal hull performance without incurring additional fuel penalties leading to extra CO2 emissions.

Safinah Group’s MD, Mr Andy Hopkinson says: “We are privileged to be part of such a great initiative and to be in a position to provide an incentive to forward-thinking shipping companies who invest in promoting the quality and safety of international shipping.”

Safinah Group’s Technical Service Team at work

Safinah Group offers a 10% discount on coating condition survey or pre-drydock survey for new customers with Green Award certified sea-going ships when subsequent coating project management at drydock is awarded to Safinah Group.


About Safinah Group

Safinah Group is an independent coating consultancy with a unique and comprehensive understanding of coatings in the marine, yacht, energy, infrastructure and chemical sectors, in addition, providing professional technical and engineering services to its global customer base.   

The company provides authoritative, expert advice and support for the chain of activities that links vessel / structure design and construction, coatings and the environment.  

Safinah Group’s Technical Service Team specialises in coating project management, coating process optimisation, general support at drydock and onboard training. Safinah Group’s experienced coating project managers are available in key drydock locations.

Safinah Group’s Consulting Team specialises in developing functional coating specifications and carrying out coating failure investigations and expert witness work in claims and dispute resolution.

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