On 5th of June, commemorating the UN World Environment Day 2020, Pecém Complex has joined the Green Award network as an Incentive Provider by deciding to reward Green Award certified ships. A virtual ceremony took place crossing the borders of Latin America and Europe with the attendance of representatives from Pecém Industrial and Port Complex and Green Award Foundation.

Port of Pecém becomes the latest port to join the Green Award network as an Incentive Provider. In order to protect the local community as well as the marine environment, the port supports and promotes continuous improvement in safer and cleaner shipping by using Green Award as a tool. The port now offers up to 10% discount on the rate of utilization of berthing facilities to the ships that hold a Green Award ship certificate when they call the port.

Green Award is a platform for promoting safety, quality and environmental performance in shipping by facilitating a network of incentive providers with a wide range of benefits for certificate holders. Green Award certificate holders can demonstrate that they go above and beyond international standards and outstanding commitment to safety and the environment by continual improvement.

The achievement reinforces the Pecém Complex’s commitment to the environment. Last year, the Ceará port terminal jumped five positions and reached the 4th place in the Environmental Performance Index (IDA) – for the year 2018. The result was presented by the National Waterway Transportation Agency (ANTAQ), in Brasília. The IDA, which is a reference in the port sector, is composed of 38 indicators related to legal compliance in force in Brazil and good practices in environmental management, health and safety of operations.

This day marks a special day as it is the UN World Environment Day with the theme biodiversity for 2020. Many UN Sustainable Development Goals are related to this Day while the Green Award ship certification programme is also consistent to 12 Goals promoting sustainable development in shipping.

“Port of Pecém is the first port in Brazil to join Green Award as an Incentive Provider. Brazil is the largest country in South America by population and has an enormous impact on the global trade for now and even more in the future. Pecém joining Green Award shows their commit to support the continual improvement in shipping safety, environmental protection and crew protection onboard. All these topics are more important than ever at this present time and we need to tackle this together. From the global outreach of Ceara, Brazil and Green Award have, we believe we can make an impact”, says Mr. Jan Fransen, Executive Director of Green Award Foundation.

“As we celebrate World Environment Day on 5th of June the Port of Pecém is immensely proud to take part of the Green Award network of ports, providing incentives to Green Award certified vessels. Pecém is committed to environmentally sustainable practices and today it is amongst Brazil’s top 5 ports in the so called “Environmental Performance Index” (IDA, in Portuguese) which is used by the Brazil’s ports regulator Antaq, to monitor environmental management at Brazilian ports. Pecém would like to encourage shipping lines to invest more and more in sustainable ships as well as encourage other Brazilian ports to offer similar incentives and to participate in the Green Award network, so that together, we can have a larger positive impact in sustainable waterborne transportation”, say Mrs. Duna Uribe – Executive Commercial Director Port of Pecém.


About Pecém Industrial and Port Complex

Pecém Industrial and Port Complex concentrates an Industrial Area, the Port of Pecém and the ZPE Ceará (freezone) – the only one in operation today in Brazil. The Pecém Complex is a joint venture formed by the Government of the State of Ceará (70%) and the Port of Rotterdam (30%). The partnership with a global player represents the optimization of our operations and the possibility of attracting new investments, including foreign investments.

Pecém, as an industrial and port complex, grows rapidly and is strategically located in northeastern Brazil, on the “corner of the Atlantic”. Located about fifty kilometers from the capital Fortaleza – capital of the state of Ceará, the terminal serves a market of approximately 56 million people, connecting to the markets of the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The Complex has a complete infrastructure, ready to receive logistics and industrial companies. Pecém houses an Export Processing Zone, which offers highly competitive tax benefits for export-oriented companies, aiming to increase their competitiveness in the international market.

The Pecém Complex is today a space for advancement and growth in Ceará, with the objective of enabling the industrial, economic and social development of the State. In 2019, the Port of Pecém handled 18.1 million tons of cargo.