Green Award welcomes Maritech Group


Maritech Group joins the Green Award Incentive Provider program by offering 7-10% discount on all its maintenance services to Green Award certified ships.

By being proactive and going beyond compliance with regulatory requirements, the shipping industry and its stakeholders substantially contribute to the general welfare and at the same time invest in sustainability. Acting preventatively is no simple task; hence responsible behaviors and actions must be acknowledged and rewarded in order for frontrunners to remain ahead of the game.

Maritech Group’s Service Team carrying out maintenance work onboard

Green Award’s values, philosophy and work motivate all companies and institutions involved in shipping to engage in corporate social responsibility initiatives, beneficial to the common good. Maritech Group is proud to be part of the Green Award incentive provider network and have the opportunity to conduce to safe, environmentally responsible and sustainable shipping.

“We are glad to support the shipping community and social welfare through our membership in Green Award program”, said Dimitrios Sorokas, CEO.

Maritech Group offers Green Award certified vessels the following discounts for plate-type heat exchangers and fresh water generators:

  • 7% on onboard maintenance services
  • 10% on in-situ maintenance services.

On the photo from left to right: Mr. Dimitrios Sorokas (CEO, Maritech Group) and Mr Christos Chronis (Sales & Marketing Manager, Maritech Group)


About Maritech Group

Maritech Group manufactures and supplies high-quality alternative marine parts for critical machinery, provides specialized engineering services for plate heat exchangers and fresh water generators and commercially represents proven environmental technologies to the shipping industry.