Weka Marine joins Green Award as an incentive provider for Sea & Inland Vessels


Weka Marine joins the Green Award network, a certification program for waterways to motivate sustainability improvement on board (of ships). Weka offers unique cooling solutions for inland- & sea-going vessels. Accompanied by a range of innovative marine products that upgrade the standards of the maritime industry, with a strong focus on sustainable solutions. The vessels equipped with boxcoolers or keel coolers and are certified by the Green Award can benefit from Weka’s incentives that are connected to the Green Award program.

Image: Team Weka Marine

Weka Marine has been a driver for environmental cooling solutions, without metal dissolution methods, epoxy-coatings or chemical cleaning. Weka keeps focusing on natural anti-fouling in combination with the best possible, effective and high-quality products. Weka pays attention to its sustainable development with respect to society and the environment. Their innovative Copper-Nickel (CuNi) (Box)coolers are an example of the best possible cooling solutions, without metal dissolution methods, epoxy-coatings or chemical cleaning.

By being part of the Green Award network, Weka endorses the idea of sustainability and rewards all inland- and sea-going vessels that are Green Award certified with a discount of 5% on all Copper-Nickel (CuNi) (Box)coolers (new and retubing) and field services.

Green Award is a platform that promotes environmental friendly performance, as well as safety in shipping by creating a network of incentive providers for certified ships. Prevention of water pollution remains one of the critical issues for inland waterways. Thus, the treatment of the produced sewage on board (of ships) plays a significant role and gets more and more attention.

Many river cruise vessels have applied for the Green Award certification from the beginning of 2020 with the total amount reaching over 50 from the 840 inland ships certified in total. This is expected to grow strongly in the coming year.

Image: Boxcooler from Weka Marine


 About Weka Marine:

Weka Marine’s cooling solutions are used for cooling marine propulsion engines, generator sets, reduction gears, and auxiliary systems onboard vessels of all sizes worldwide. Each solution is engineered to meet the requirements of your engine, vessel, and operating conditions. Next to our cooling solutions, Weka also offers a wide range of other marine products, such as a series of tank gauging equipment, Weka Water Jet, ultrasonic anti-fouling system, environmental biological fouling protection device and Boxcoolers protection system.

Our Weka Marine Environment (WME) program, enables you to move towards a resilient ocean (sustaining marine life and functioning ecosystems) and an efficient cooling system on board.

How? Through our circular economy process and innovative cooling products that deliver sustainable productivity and meet your challenges, such as rising operation costs, tighter regulations and increased societal expectations. WME Program is feasible today, requiring a small shift in how we collaborate and innovate. WME Program is an invitation to join us in co-creating and adopting the solutions that will transform maritime industry into more sustainable industries and taking care of our oceans in the process.

For more information about environmental friendly cooling performances, contact Weka Marine on: info@wekamarine.com or call +31 (0)180 516 588

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