NEW: Version 2022 ship certification requirements!


On 1 May 2022, our seagoing ship certification requirements VERSION 2022 will enter into force. The topics that are revised are “Ballast Water Management” and “Biofouling Management”, along some other minor changes.

These are just 2 of over 60 topics we cover in our seagoing ship certification requirements, which are related to safety, environmental, quality and sustainability in shipping. It is important that these requirements are routinely updated, in order to continue challenging the participating Certificate Holders, as well as meeting the external demands on sustainability.

These requirements are formulated under the governance of the Green Award Board and the Board of Experts, who are industry representatives from the shipping, ports, environmental protection sectors.

The full requirement checklist can be found HERE.

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Did you know:
Below are the selection of topics that we have been adding or revising in the recent years:

  • NEW: LNG bunkering (element nr. R3101)
  • NEW: Methane emissions – main propulsion (element nr. R5441) (LNG fueled)
  • REVISED: Waste management / Garbage Handling Onboard (element nr. R5200)
  • REVISED: Protection of fuel oil tanks, lube oil tanks & hull (element nr. R5801)
  • REVISED: Cyber risk management (element nr. R1610)
  • REVISED: Fuel oil management (element nr. R3200)
  • REVISED: Fatigue management (element nr. R7500)