Board of Experts (BoE) meeting


The Green Award Board of Experts (BoE) held their 51st meeting this week.
The meeting was very fruitful and interactive thanks to all members!

Among others, the topics discussed were:

    • Waste generated from ships
    • Bulk carrier and Cement carrier requirements
    • EU Regulation on Ship waste
    • Statistics
    • Future river cruise requirements
    • Future cargo ship requirements
    • Inland shipping platinum label criteria (zero emission label)
    • Statistics


BoE meetings are held by the industry experts from the shipping, ports and environmental sectors to brainstorm and develop our future ship certification requirements. The members are very diverse and represented by both the inland- and seagoing shipping sectors.

Once the proposal from the BoE and the Bureau Green Award are complete, they are put forward to the Green Award Board for adoption.

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