Introducing Green Award GHG Emissions Labelling

9 December 2022

Green Award Foundation introduces GHG Emissions Labelling on top of its seagoing ship certification program. The label of the ships that have already received it are now live on the Green Award website.

The labels prepared are for CO2 (carbon-dioxide) and CH4 (methane) emissions allowing the certified ships/ship operators to demonstrate their proactiveness as early movers of decarbonization and will motivate others to join the collective efforts. This labelling initiative was developed to strengthen Green Award’s approach towards decarbonization.

This labelling is an addition to the certification program ships already take part in and is meant to place specific emphasis on two of the over 60 topics covered in the Green Award program that recognizes the sustainability and safety initiatives of the frontrunners. This means, the ships will be able to show that they are “Green Award certified” and that they have attained a “CO2 label (level 1 or 2)” and/or “CH4 label” on top of that.

The details of how ships can achieve one of these labels are explained on our website. The criteria set right now will continue to be developed further, and together with the Green Award Boards (industry representatives) the developments within the IMO and the industry will be closely monitored.

Certificate Holders with ships that have already attained these labels have welcomed the new initiative positively. The GHG

labels of the actual ships can be found online under column “GHG label CO2 and CH4”.