Our incentive providers share our main objectives: enhance the environmental and safety performance of ships and to promote the highest quality standards. They offer various financial and non-financial incentives to Green Award certified ships. But who are our incentive providers? Meet MOL Techno-Trade.

MOL Techno-Trade is one of the group companies of shipping company Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL). “Feeling sympathy with the vision of the Green Award Foundation aiming to improve the quality of vessels and protect the marine environment by its certification, we have been participating in the programme since the 1st of February 2019,” says MOL Techno-Trade’s Director and Managing Executive Officer Mr. Fukushima.

“We participate in Green Award as incentive provider with our environment-friendly product Propeller Boss Cap Fins, PBCF,” Mr. Fukushima continues. “This is an energy-saving device fitted to the propeller of a vessel. It breaks up hub-vortex generated behind the rotating propeller and assists the shaft torque reduction, resulting in 3 to 5 percent energy-savings. Such savings are confirmed by model tests, Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis and voyage analysis of vessels equipped with PBCF.”

The PBCF contributes in two ways to sustainability in shipping. Mr. Fukushima states: “First of all, it is about the reduction of greenhouse gasses. The energy-savings by PBCF lead to reducing emissions of greenhouse gasses and so reduce the shipping industry’s environmental impact. We have calculated that, since 1987 when the PBCF was firstly introduced in shipping, it has contributed to a cumulative more than 46-million-ton reduction in CO2 emissions worldwide. From this perspective, we have been assisting the sustainability promotion of Green Award in shipping. We offer PBCF to Green Award certified ships and companies at a 3 percent discount from the contract price of PBCF for new projects.”

Secondly, it’s about the underwater noise reduction. “It’s said that underwater noise has a negative impact on sea life, including whales and other underwater mammals, and one of the main causes is the cavitation of a propeller,” Mr. Fukushima explains. “Since PBCF can break up a hub vortex cavitation, it can lead to protection for marine mammals.”

As a remark, in 2017, PBCF was selected by the Port of Vancouver for Canada’s Eco Action Program as a device that effectively reduces underwater noise. Also, PBCF was included as an item for measures for underwater noise and vibration in the requirements for Quality Shipping of the Green Award programme. Mr. Fukushima remarks: “Inclusion in the above-mentioned programmes represents a way that PBCF contributes to environmental protection and conservation in shipping.”

As a pioneer product in the field of an energy-saving cap with fins, PBCF has been supplied for more than 3,900 vessels with great success for 35+ years since 1987. Certified as the “Best-selling Energy-Saving Ship Appendage Brand (Cumulative)” by Guinness World Records in 2021, the PBCF has kept contributing to the environmental protection and conservation in shipping as the number one energy-saving brand.

“The PBCF continues to be developed and improved for more savings. With this device, MOL Techno-Trade works together with the Green Award Foundation to aim for the further high-quality and eco-friendly shipping on a global scale,” concludes Mr. Fukushima.