R. W. Fernstrum & Company becomes a Green Award Incentive Provider


At Europort 2023 Maritime Exhibition in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), the Michigan (USA) based R. W. Fernstrum & Company joined the Green Award network as an Incentive Provider. Fernstrum manufactures GRIDCOOLER keel coolers and WEKA boxcoolers and offers discounts on them to Green Award certified ships.

Fernstrum has been engineering and manufacturing GRIDCOOLER Keel Coolers for the marine industry since 1949 and started their partnership with WEKA Marine B.V., a Dutch company, in 1997 to manufacture and sell WEKA Boxcoolers for North and South America. Both coolers are built with uncoated, 90/10 copper/nickel (CuNi) tubing making them environmentally friendly.

Fernstrum joins other 185 Green Award Incentive Providers worldwide, which consist of ports, service providers and equipment suppliers, including WEKA Marine B.V., their sister company who joined in 2021. Green Award Incentive Providers offer various benefits and ships with a Green Award certificate can enjoy discounts on port dues, ship agent fees, environmentally friendly lubricants, radar systems, mooring equipment, rudder and steering gear, trainings (by class), ISO environmental certifications, flagstates and many more.

(left to right) Mr. K. Shinohara (Green Award); Mr. J. Friendshuh (Fernstrum); Mr. D. Caffa (WEKA Marine)