Meet a Green Award Incentive Provider:

Our incentive providers share our main objectives: enhance the environmental and safety performance of ships and to promote the highest quality standards. They offer various financial and non-financial incentives to Green Award certified ships. But who are our incentive providers? Meet Ankron Water Services GmbH.

Ankron is an independent provider of consulting and testing services for the maritime industry and supports ship owners, manufacturers and authorities in all areas of technical development, approval and proper operation of equipment and water treatment systems.

The focus of our work is on ballast water treatment, ballast water management, and biofouling management including the development and evaluation of efficient antifouling systems.

Shipping contributes significantly to the spread of invasive species in marine ecosystems through the exchange of ballast water and the natural process of biofouling, which cannot be completely prevented. Accordingly, both the number of systems and measures offered to reduce the impact of these processes is high, as are the legal requirements that operators and owners must meet in these areas. Ankron sees itself here as an interface between all parties involved, mediating between regulatory requirements and practical implementation in the industry. The goal is to achieve technical and regulatory compliance of the systems through proper commissioning and maintenance, which serves to avoid hazardous emissions. Besides protecting the environment, this results in numerous benefits for the user through cost savings (e.g. in terms of materials used, fuel consumption, maintenance costs), value-preserving operation and compliant application.

As an incentive provider, Ankron fully supports the Green Award Foundation’s principle that it is ecologically and economically necessary to go beyond qualitative industry standards in terms of operational safety, system performance and environmental compatibility.

Especially in the ballast water sector, based on our testing experience, we recommend a willingness to go beyond the legal requirements to voluntarily check systems during operation in order to avoid long-term damage due to malfunctions and operating errors. At this point, we offer shipping companies, owners and operators, but also authorities and classification societies appropriate compliance tests, training and technical advice.

Website: Ankron Water Services