Looking back and forward - 55th Board of Experts Meeting

On the 8th of May 2024, our 55th Board of Experts meeting took place on the 16th floor of a hotel overlooking the bustling port of Rotterdam, with moving ships of all kinds dotting the horizon.

It was an eventful day for us and our board of experts are industry leaders representing various shipping, ports, environmental, technical, classification, insurance, and coast guard sectors.

During the meeting, we looked back at the year before and ahead into 2024. We discussed a range of important topics for both inland and seagoing shipping. For our inland shipping program, we evaluated our zero-emission platinum label requirement, discussed environmentally friendly cargo sampling measures, further explored potential certification requirements for river cruise ports.

For our seagoing program, we reviewed requirements for ethane and ethylene carriers, discussed the importance of environmental aspects in voyage planning, and brainstormed recent research on shore power for tankers. We also gained valuable insights from data presented in our benchmarking report and exchanged information on the latest industry trends and reports aimed at enhancing safety and environmental stewardship in shipping operations.

We hold our Board of Experts in high esteem, as their invaluable expertise and insights play a critical role in shaping our programme that holds shipping companies and ports accountable for the betterment of humanity and our planet through our certification and incentivisation programme.