Sustainability through digital transformation: ENTER Consulting & IT Services becomes a new incentive provider

Rotterdam, June 17, 2024 – On Wednesday, June 5, 2024, ENTER Consulting & IT Services joined the Green Award Foundation as a proud incentive provider for responsible shipping companies during the 2024 Posidonia International Shipping Exhibition in Athens, Greece.

ENTER Consulting & IT Services, based in Greece, is a systems integrator and provider of end-to-end IT solutions (comprising IT infrastructure, software, and services) that enable businesses to cope with the challenges of the modern business landscape, achieve their business objectives, and grow sustainably. They specialize in fortifying the digital infrastructure of shipping companies to enhance sustainability and protect against cyber attacks.

“As Chairman of the Green Award Foundation, I am excited to welcome ENTER Consulting & IT Services as our new incentive provider. Their dedication to enhancing digital resilience and sustainability in the maritime industry is commendable. By leveraging their cutting-edge IT solutions, we can significantly bolster the security and efficiency of our certified ships,” said Mattheou Dimitrios, Chairman, Green Award Foundation.

Providing insight into their motivation as a Green Award incentive provider, Ioannis Varvaresos, Managing Director of ENTER Consulting & IT Services, said, “Many companies have or are initiating their environmental policies in alignment with an increasing number of similar requirements from their trading partners, which places demand upon their own internal processes. We have long been involved in applying modern Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology to enable intelligent information management, which is an important part of striving towards a more environmentally healthy way of working. As a Green Award incentive provider, we are positioned to help shipping companies strengthen their digital transition journey to be more sustainable and safer.”

“In addition to improving internal processes and reducing carbon footprints through digitization, digital resilience is also an important offering of ENTER Consulting that is crucial for the marine industry. If a ship’s data is compromised, it could result in the shutdown of critical systems such as navigation, communication, and cargo management, causing potential collisions, groundings, or other maritime accidents, endangering crew, passengers, and the environment,” said Jan Fransen, Executive Director of the Green Award Foundation.

“ENTER’s expertise in intelligent information management and cyber protection will play a pivotal role in safeguarding maritime operations and reducing environmental impact. We are confident that this partnership will drive forward our mission of promoting responsible and sustainable shipping practices worldwide,” added Mattheou.

As we continue to advocate for responsible and sustainable shipping practices, the expertise and innovative solutions provided by ENTER Consulting will be invaluable in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and environmental stewardship of the global shipping community.