Aqua Marine Electronics joins us to enhance safety at sea

Rotterdam, June 24, 2024 – Aqua Marine Electronics joined the Green Award Foundation as an incentive provider during the 2024 Posidonia International Shipping Exhibition in Athens, Greece, on Wednesday, June 5, 2024.

Established in 1992 and located in Piraeus, Greece, Aqua Marine Electronics specializes in the supply, installation, and service of marine electronic equipment for commercial and pleasure vessels. From navigation safety to communication, emergency preparedness, piracy prevention, and regulatory compliance, marine electronic equipment plays a crucial role in ensuring safety at sea for humans on board, sea animals and plants, vessels, and cargo.

Aqua Marine Electronics is an authorized representative for some of the most outstanding manufacturers of marine electronics, including Furuno, Sailor, Cobham, Danelec, Kelvin Hughes, Ami Marine, and Jotron, among others.

“As Chairman of the Green Award Foundation, I am thrilled to welcome Aqua Marine Electronics as our newest incentive provider. Their commitment to advancing maritime safety aligns perfectly with our mission. The collaboration will undoubtedly provide significant benefits to our certified ships, enhancing their safety and operational efficiency,” said Mattheou Dimitrios, Chairman, Green Award Foundation.

Among the many innovative marine electronic products and services offered by Aqua Marine Electronics, we are particularly delighted by their recently launched Citadel Box – an anti-piracy solution designed for installation in citadel rooms to ensure enhanced safety and communication for crew members during piracy threats.

“Aqua Marine’s innovative solutions, like the Citadel Box, exemplify the kind of forward-thinking technology that our industry needs to counter modern threats and ensure the well-being of our crews. We look forward to a fruitful partnership that prioritizes safety and security at sea for all stakeholders,” Mattheou said.

“The Citadel Box is a robust and secure communication hub designed to ensure uninterrupted communication in emergency situations, particularly in piracy-prone regions. It integrates seamlessly with existing ship systems, providing a secure line of communication that is critical during crises. Additionally, the Citadel Box is designed with energy efficiency in mind, minimizing its environmental impact while maximizing its operational reliability,” said Mr. Anestis Apostolidis, Chief Executive Officer, Aqua Marine Electronics.

“Besides the benefits of having assured enhanced safety and security technology that safeguards crew and cargo during emergency situations, Green Award-certified companies can enjoy exclusive incentives, such as discounts and priority support, when they choose Aqua Marine Electronics as their technology partner,” Anestis noted.

“The increased security threats that shipping is facing in recent times make being armed with cutting-edge marine electronic equipment not just a nice-to-have but a wise investment because safety comes first. We hope our certificate holders will leverage this new partnership to strengthen their marine electronic systems,” said Jan Fransen, Executive Director, Green Award Foundation.