ESI verifications on Green Award certified ships


Since 1994, with over 25 years of auditing experience, Green Award shares its auditing expertise to voluntarily carry out onboard verification checks of the Environmental Ship Index (ESI) data during the regular Green Award ship surveys.

General Procedure

An ESI data check will take place during the usual Green Award ship surveys.

The usual planning, ship surveying and the reporting do not alter. The procedures are simply streamlined to the existing ship survey procedures, keeping the burden minimal for our certificate holders. The only cooperation we request is from the ship managers and the crew members onboard for data provision.


This ESI data check will be performed at random and the ship manager and/or the master of the ship will be informed accordingly before our surveyor goes onboard. This initiative applies to ships that are voluntarily participating in the ESI programme.


Confidentiality in reporting of the results has always been a critical factor for our certificate holders. The ESI data check is a simple verification onboard as a part of Green Award’s initiative to support the ESI programme. Therefore, the results will be reported back to the ESI Administrator as regulated by the “Terms of Use for the ESI Website”. For your easy reference, we have quoted the confidentiality agreement by the ESI (as from 1 January 2013).

10.3       Confidentiality
Data provided by Data Providers are only used for the purpose of establishing the ESI Score. These data, except for those shown in the Public section of the ESI website, will be kept confidential and will not be made available to third parties except a) for the purpose of use by persons that have Audit Rights when auditing ships data in which case the data may only be used for the verification of the correctness of data provided and /or b) where disclosure is required by law or regulation of a competent governmental or regulatory authority.

The full set of terms of use can be found here.

Benefits for Green Award Incentive Providers

The Green Award Port Incentive Providers that also take part in the ESI programme will also benefit from this cooperation. Having the ESI data check integrated in the regular Green Award ship surveys will increase the reliability of the ESI scores of the Green Award certified ships. This implies that other data users of the ESI programme would not need to perform a separate check onboard those ships.