As in the previous years, Green Award joined the Posidonia event in 2018. It was a fruitful week full of events which started with meeting our Certificate Holders and Incentive Providers, and finished with the 56th Green Award Board meeting.

The Green Award team thanks all the parties and especially our members for their input and feedback.

ABS – The Future of LNG Shipping: What Matters Most?
One of the highlights of the Posidonia 2018 week was undoubtedly an event organised by one of our Incentive Providers, ABS. They arranged an almost once-in-a-lifetime event getting together Mr John Angelicoussis, along with Mr Peter Livanos and Mr George Procopiou all on the same panel on stage for two hours sharing their amazing knowledge and experience with the audience. Mr John Angelicoussis is the Chairman and CEO of Angelicoussis Shipping Group and Maran Tankers Management and Maran Gas, which are the company’s subsidiaries and long term loyal Green Award Certificate Holders joined in 1996.

The focus of the panel discussion was on the Future of LNG Shipping and covered very broad aspects of it. They shared their views and gave their reasoning for certain decision making on each topics brought up. A summary of the panel discussion can be found as written by our Incentive Provider, ABS. Read more here by ABS  https://ww2.eagle.org/en/news/press-room/abs-brings-together-industry-titans-to-discuss-the-future-of-lng.html



4 new Incentive Providers
Similar to the previous Posidonia event, Green Award Incentive Providers had very prominent presence at Posidonia. Very broad range of products and services contributing to safety and environmental aspects of shipping were represented by organisation from the Green Award network.

Green Award, as an organisation running a platform connecting various stakeholders in shipping, is proud to have had many of its Incentive Providers to be present during Posidonia 2018.

We especially welcome the 4 new Incentive Providers that joined in that week, The Nautical Institute, GAC Shipping (Greece), Poseidon Marine Supplies and Franman, all well-established organisations.

For details about incentives and the handover ceremonies please visit

GAC Shipping (Greece)

Poseidon Marine Supplies

The Nautical Institute

Franman Group



Alphatron Marine 

On 6th of June, a Green Award incentive provider Alphatron Marine invited their own clients and Green Award stakeholders, who were attending Posidonia, to a networking event accompanied by a drink and a bite at their stand. Representatives of several maritime companies came to the stand to have a talk and meet like-minded professionals. 



Conference and Seminars – HELMEPA
it is not surprising that during Posidonia a lot happens and this counts also for Conferences and Seminars. HELMEPA, an organisation which has a seat on the Green Award Board of Experts, organised an event called “2020 is closer than we think: Scrubber, Fuels, BWT”.

Our Incentive Provider, EPE (Environmental Protection Engineering) / ErmaFirst presented a strong statement about preparations for complying with the Ballast Water Management Convention in time. As Ms Helen Polychronopoulou mentioned, ‘BWTS is not equipment, it is a process.’

An other Green Award incentive provider – Bureau Veritas VeryFuel – also participated in the HELMEPA seminar. Mrs Charlotte Røjgaard, Global Technical Manager of Bureau Veritas VeriFuel presented in first panel ‘Fuels and Emissions’.

Read more on the conference here by HELMEPA: http://www.helmepa.gr/en/news.php?target=inf0


In Greece – Did you know how Green Award is connected?
Greek shipping cluster is not only crucial for the world but also of course for Green Award. Considering Green Award’s 24 years’ history, we have significant ties in Greece. 14 shipping companies are certified by Green Award and together they are managing 100 ships, which account for over 36% of the total certified seagoing fleet.

The newest certified Greek shipping companies are Minerva Marine Management, Enterprises Shipping and Trading and Empire Navigation.

The number of Incentive Providers from Greece is also increasing rapidly and there are now 22 companies participating in the Green Award scheme.

Interest in Green Award is continuing to grow in Greece from the entire maritime cluster and the number of Greek ships certified is expected to grow further throughout the year.

Check out the announcements of newly certified shipping companies here;
Energy Triumph / Enterprises Shipping and Trading 
Mr Orestes / Empire Navigation

56th Green Award Board meeting
On the last day of the Posidonia 2018, the Green Award’s Board held its 56th meeting.
Many hot topics were covered including revision on CO2 air emission requirement especially for seagoing shipping. With the platinum label already introduced in our inland programme, now both our inland and sea requirements will be formulated in a way to recognise those ships that adopt those advanced measures in reducing CO2. This includes low and zero carbon fuels as well as measures taken using renewable energy as energy sources.

Amongst other discussed topics were SDG’s by UN, first draft of revising the Foundation’s bylaws, upcoming new website, and financial results of 2017.

Key maritime organisations are represented on our Board. See here who our Board members are Governing Boards