The Green Award Foundation adds another type of ship that can be eligible for certification that is above and beyond standards in shipping. The new type is Ro-Ro Cargo Ships (vehicle carriers) and is the eighth sea-going ship type to be released.  In order for ships to attain the certification, partnering Incentive Providers have key roles. We welcome ports, port terminals, service providers and suppliers towards ships to join our existing 140 partners in granting special discounts to these certified ships.

The interest shown by various stakeholders including shipping companies, ports and cargo associations within the field of Ro-Ro cargo has resulted in developing the Green Award certification program for Ro-Ro cargo ships. The work on conceptualizing the program started in 2017 with inputs from shipping companies, ports, subject matter advisers and other stakeholders. ECG, the Association of European Vehicle Logistics, also assisted largely for us to getting relevant contacts as well as allowing us to join their Maritime & Ports WG. The program was developed by GA project team after conducting several internal and external discussions and feasibility studies on board various sizes of Ro-Ro ships. The program is now ready to be released after passing through the GA internal approval process.

The Green Award requirements for Ro-Ro cargo ships are mainly aligned with all other ship types available for certification. Additionally, the following Ro-Ro cargo specific topics are included to give extra attention on fire safety, cargo operations and ship stability:

  • Fire Safety Standards
  • Cargo Operations – Ro-Ro Cargo Ship
  • Ro-Ro Cargo Ship Practice


Green Award certified ships are audited on over 50 different topics, excelling in extra safe and extra clean shipping. Some recently modified topics that are looked into are sewage and grey water management, stern tube lubrication, fatigue management, cyber risk, noise and vibration (onboard & underwater). More modifications are expected in 2020 for all ship types. Some topics that will soon be revised or newly added are air emission subjects (SOx, CO2, NOx, PM) and social dimension/sustainability, considering the developments in the industry right now.

In order for ships to become and remain above and beyond regulations to sustain quality shipping, Incentive Providers are critical. Contact us to find out how to become an Incentive Provider!

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