European ports can now use the Green Award Ship Waste module to implement EU Regulation 2022/91

8 December 2023

European ports that are looking into implementing EU Regulation 2022/91 on ship waste (under EU PRF Directive 2019/883) can now start using the Green Award ship waste module as a verifying body. Under this regulation, ports give reduction on ship waste fees, based on criteria set by the European Commission.

At Green Award the subject of ship waste has been integrated in our program for well over 20 years. We see that the Green Award ship certification requirements we have been addressing for many years is in line with the criteria set by the European Commission (EC). These criteria are spread over 6 different subjects in our ship certification program and is consistent to UN SDG Goals 3, 6, 7, 12 and 14.

For ports

Ports use Green Award as a verification body to identify which ships get the reduction on their ship waste fee based on this European directive. We are currently in talks with various European ports and we expect to be able to announce the first one soon. Ports and port reception facilities can reach out to us to find out how they can also utilise Green Award.

For ships

Ships that meet a set of requirements and receive the “verification report” from Green Award Foundation can redeem reduction on the ship waste fee charged by ports and port reception facilities within the European Union member states. Ships can enrol by filling out this application form.