Collaboration with ESI 

 ESI (Environmental Ship Index):

  • Initiated by several ports through the WPSP (World Ports Sustainability Program) under the IAPH (International Association of Ports and Harbors) to improve air quality
  • Promotes sea-going ships to reduce air pollutants
  • Creates a network of Incentive Providers rewarding ships of higher ESI score points
  • Green Award has been collaborating with ESI from the beginning in 2011


Green Award’s partnership with ESI:

Incorporates by joining forces

We are an active member and Incentive Provider to ESI (Environmental Ship Index).
We integrate ESI initiative into the Green Award checklist requirements.

Companies and ships gain the following bonus points when enrolled into Green Award:

  • Office Audit
    • Company voluntarily enrols their operated ships into ESI database (50 points)
  • Ship Survey
    • Ship scores more than 30 ESI points (20 points)
    • Ship scores more than 40 ESI points (40 points)
    • Ship scores more than 50 ESI points (60 points)


Enhances reliability of data

We voluntarily carry out ESI audits during the usual Green Award ship surveys. Find out how HERE.

Complements ESI Initiative

We ensure Green Award Certified Ships to be tested for fuel quality on their bunkered fuel by recognised fuel analysis organisation ashore to the ISO standards. Green Award certified ships comply 100% on this.


More information on ESI can be found on: